Occupy Until I Come!

7 May

In Luke19 verse 11-27, we find Jesus sharing a parable which at first, may appear to be about servants investing money for their ruler. However, upon closely examining the scriptures, we find that the ruler actually told the servants to “occupy (trade) until I come”. Based upon the fact that the word occupy, as it is used in this text means to “trade”, it is understood that the servants were to do business for their ruler during His temporary absence. 
The ruler entrusts each person with the same amount of money and goes away. In the ruler’s absence, one man earns ten times the amount that he was given, while another earns five times the amount he was given. Sadly, in fear, which may have included laziness, or lack of motivation, the third man hid his money instead of investing it. Upon hearing this news, the ruler furiously took the money that he had entrusted to this servant, and gave it to the servant who was most profitable.
As Christians, we too are to occupy (trade) with what what we’ve been given by diligently investing our resources and talents on earth until Jesus comes back. In light of this fact, ask yourself, am I occupied with my Lord’s business, or preoccupied with my own? Am I afraid to use my talents, fearing that I am inadequate? Am I holding on to all of my resources and using them to plan for my own future? 
Look around friends. The world is in desperate need of your voice, your story of how Jesus has made your life complete. The world is crying out for real love, like the all surpassing love that you have found in Jesus. Someone, maybe your neighbor, needs your helping hand. And those talents that you’ve been blessed with were meant to bless others.  Let’s boldly be about our Lord’s business by making an eternal impact on others and occupy until He comes! The rewards of being a faithful steward are both in, and out of this world!

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