The Presence of the Lord is Where?

8 Jun
Have you ever sensed that you were in the
presence of the Lord?  I have sensed His presence more 
so when two or three are gathered and the focus is on the
Lord through prayer, conversation, song,etc.(Matthew 18:20). 
Sometimes when I am alone, I long for that feeling of His
awesomeness, but it escapes me.  

While recently wishing for one of those precious moments, 
this question came to mind.  Would I rather feel the 
presence of the Lord when ever I like, or is it better to be 
conscious of the fact that the Lord is with me always? 
In fact He's with me, even when I can't feel His

I'm so glad that through the storms and the rain, the laughter
and the pain, the Lord is with me always (Hebrews 13:5, 
Matthew 28:20). Certainly the time will come again that I'll 
long to feel his presence. Nevertheless, may I, may you, 
be ever conscious of the great blessing of having
him with us always, even if we don't sense His 

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