For Such A Time As This!

18 Jul
What does your world look like? Let me tell you a bit about
mine. If you had told me years ago, that I would know teens
who would be murdered, that my own eyes would see sparks
flicker in the darkness of night as someone shot a bullet and 
ran, I would not have believed you. 

If you had told me that I would live among people who find 
incarceration to be normal, and wear time in jail like a badge,
I would have been shocked. Had you told me that
I would see sanctioned racism in the form of police brutality
escalate in these United States of America during the
twenty first century, I would have been in disbelief. 

Yet these examples are just a tiny representation of some 
of the atrocities that plague our inner city communities, 
and our world. No matter how the depravity of our society 
may shock our systems and cause us to compare today
with better days gone by, the truth is that we were born for 
such a time as this. If that were not true, our last breath 
would have been taken, even as our breath was given by 
our Heavenly Father and Creator, God!

Long ago, God used a young Jewish woman named
Esther to save an entire nation. Esther could have actually 
lost her head by going before the king without an 
appointment. Esther's guardian, Mordecai, strengthened 
her with these words,"For if you remain completely silent 
at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews
from another place, but you and your fathers house will 
perish. Yet who knows if you have come to the kingdom 
for such a time as this" (Esther 4:14).

You are here, in this world, now, for such a time as this. 
Will you remain silent as people all around you make 
poor choices that lead to destruction (Matthew 7:13,14). 
In efforts to make a positive difference in our neck of 
the woods, a few ladies and I recently formed a girls club. 

Change sometimes comes one person at a time; you
don't have to form a group. But you do have a part to 
play. Creation is waiting(Romans 8:19). Do not remain
silent! You are here now for such a time as this.
What will you do?

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