Get Your Own Oil!

25 Aug

One of the catchy songs I used to sing as a kid in Sunday 
school was called "Give me Oil in My Lamp". As I grew older, 
I recognized the scripture which the song is based 
upon which is found in Matthew 25.

In this story ten virgins are waiting to escort a groom to 
his wedding. (Long ago, it was customary for ten virgins, 
or maids of honor to escort grooms to their wedding - Matthew 
Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible). Five of the 
virgins wisely had oil in their lamps, while the other five 
didn't. As the ladies waited for the groom to appear, they 
all became drowsy and fell asleep. 

At midnight, someone shouted that the groom was 
coming. As the virgins began to prepare their lamps, the
five foolish virgins who had no oil asked the five wise 
virgins to give them oil for their lamps, but the wise 
virgins refused.

While the foolish virgins were out shopping for oil, 
the groom appeared and left with the five wise virgins. 
After purchasing their oil, the foolish 
virgins went to the wedding, knocked on the door, 
and must have been dumbfounded when the
groom responded, "I don't know you".

How can we apply this story to our lives? The distractions
of the world can lull us into a spiritual sleep. 
The urgency of always being ready for Jesus to 
return can become the least important event on our minds. 
Yet, the Bible urges us to be alert and ready for the return 
of Christ (Matthew 24:44). Some of us will meet him sooner 
than we expect, as we do not know when our last hour may be.

How can we be ready? Each of us must have oil in our
own lamp. Not even the fact that your Momma knows 
Jesus will get you into heaven! You must accept 
Jesus as your very own personal Lord and Savior and 
cultivate your relationship with Him.

It's as simple as asking Jesus to forgive you of your
sins, beliveing that He died for you on the cross, 
and asking Him to be Lord of your life. And then, living
for Him.

I would love to give you oil for your lamp. But ensuring
that you're ready for Christ -The Groom to return is a
decision that only you can make for you! Please get
your oil!

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