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Go Tell It!

18 Dec

Usually around Christmas time we hear and sing “Go Tell It On The Mountains”. It reminds us that we are to tell, to speak of Christ’s birth. Christmas provides a great opportunity to “tell it”, but so does each day. Christ was born so that we would be re-born, living lives that honor Him. This is also a part of the story that we should tell!

Recently I spent time with a friend who loves the Lord. Occasionally she has told me about decisions that she made that are not as the saying goes ” What Jesus would do”.

Sometimes I uncomfortably excused myself, saying she knows wrong from right. As the Lord would have it, I was given another opportunity to “tell it” so to speak. I prayed quickly and was surprised by what happened next.

I spoke about the Lord’s love of integrity, and how He supports us when we do things His way. My friend agreed! I was thrilled, but more importantly, The Lord was pleased!

You may be looking for an opportunity to tell it on the mountains that Jesus Christ is born and that’s great! However, I urge you to recognize that daily, we are given opportunities to “tell ” those around us.

We are to tell that Jesus Christ was born so that we would be reborn into lives that continuously glorify and honor the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. May we daily seize the wonderful opportunities we are given to “tell it”!


A Quest for Humility – I Need Your Help!

29 Aug
For years I've been on a quest for humility. Just when I think
I'm near my destination, I've found that I still had a ways to 
go. Maybe that's because the definition of humility is still 
being written as we live out our lives.

In John 13, the Bible records an example of our Lord's humility 
as He washed the disciples feet. But an enlightening statement 
was made before this event took place. 

Verse 3 tells us that Jesus knew that 1)all things were given 
into his hands, 2) that He was come from God, and 3) went to 
God. After telling us this, the scripture goes on to say that 
Jesus rose up from super, laid aside his garments, took a 
towel, and girded Himself before washing the disciples feet. 

Could it be that knowing 1) that we do have power, 2) that we 
were created in The Lord's image for Him and by Him and 3) 
and knowing our purpose can also empower us to be humble? 
Yes empower us - to be humble!

Instead of worrying about what others think, or about me, me, 
me, wouldn't the world be a better place, if in confidently 
knowing God and ourselves, we began to humbly help others, 
even if it means bending down to do so, as Jesus did. 
Even if it means laying self aside, especially if the person
we're helping doesn't appear to "deserve" help, so to

Please share your thoughts on the topic of humility.  Looking 
forward to hearing from you!