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Victory through Your Wilderness

28 Jul

Wilderness-a tract or region uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings. (Merriam-Webster)

Growing up in the south left me with a passion for nature that causes me to look for plant life, even in the midst of New York City. And as much as I love nature, I’m not fond of the raw wilderness. Based on the definition above, humans weren’t meant to inhabit the wilderness anyway.

If I dared to brave the wilderness, I can imagine hearing the sound of snakes rustling through dry leaves, coyotes howling in the night, thirst with no sign of water, and an overwhelming sense of insecurity. Yet, wilderness experiences are sometimes a part of the journey of life.

Take Moses for example. You’re probably familiar with his great wilderness experience through which he miraculously led the children of Israel for 40 years. (Ex.14-Lev.) But Moses had a more personal wilderness experience that prepared him for the big adventure.

For 40 years, Moses lived in the wilderness, caring for his father in laws flock. By the time God captured his attention with the burning bush leading to the big adventure, Moses had forgotten who He was. (Ex. 2: 1, 11)

He forgot that he was well educated and spoke well as a result of growing up in the palace. He forgot that he was destined to deliver the children of Israel out of slavery and lead them into the promise land. God revealed these things to Moses years before, when he lived in the palace. (Acts 7:21-22) But during his 40 years in the wilderness Moses forgot.

When God told him to go and lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, Moses was dumfounded and required an assistant. (Ex. 6:28-7:7) Moses forgot who he was and temporarily forgot who God was as well – the One who created him for this very purpose. (Ex. 3:11, 13-15)

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Jesus also had a wilderness experience. He was there for 40 days and came face to face with Satan, the tempter and father of lies. Jesus overcame His wilderness experience by remembering who He was, His purpose, and the One who led him into the wilderness. Each time Satan tempted him saying “if You are the Son of God”, Jesus quoted God’s word and remembered that it is all about God. Jesus stood knowing who He was, whose He was, and what God said. (Math 4:1-11)

Whether we like it or not, the wilderness awaits us on the path of life. Let’s follow the life of Jesus and stand firm on who we are and whose we are, GOD’S chosen sons and daughters. Let’s come through standing on what God said. Even in the wilderness, let’s remember – it’s still all about GOD!