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Learning to Tame the Tongue!

27 Sep
James 3 tells us although the tongue is a little member of our 
body, its power more than exceed its size. Utilizing this tiny 
instrument improperly can cause a world of trouble. Yet, 
refraining from use of this little member of the human body 
can bring heaven to earth when done at the right time. 
I'll share an example with you. 

Some changes were going to be made at work. When I was 
initially asked how I felt about the changes in order to 
conform and help things go smoothly, I opened my mouth 
and agreed. But deep down inside, I didn't feel as though 
I had made the best decision.

So, I prayed. I also spoke honestly to someone who I knew 
would be brutally honest with me. I also knew that the 
person would pray. She counseled me regarding having 
compromised by agreeing to a plan that was not an efficient 
one. Then advised me to trust the Lord to work it out and 
allow Him to speak for me instead of coming up with my 
own plan.

When I went to speak to my superior regarding my error, 
I sensed a hush within me. Even though I went to discuss 
the situation I waited, and allowed my superior to speak 
to me. She said that upon further thought, she now had 
a different plan that was more beneficial to everyone. 

I was in awe of The Lords faithfulness and mercy. In haste 
and in efforts to maintain peace I had opened my mouth 
and agreed to a plan that was less productive. With that 
same mouth, I was blessed with the opportunity to 
remain silent and see the Lord work things out, in spite 
of me.

How about you? Are you quick to hear and slow to speak 
as James 1:19 instructs. Perhaps like me, you're still 
learning how to tame your tongue!