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Commitment Failure – Commitment Sucess

18 May

Recently, I was extraordinarily disappointed because someone that
I work with made a commitment to me but failed to keep it.
Actually, I was beyond disappointment. I was angry.

A great opportunity arose for me to assist this person.
I did help them, however, in my anger, I began to have vengeful
thoughts. I had to repeatedly remind myself that
vengeance is the Lords, not mine ( Romans 12:19).

When speaking with a friend regarding this person’ s
wrong doing, I was surprised when she began to focus
more upon my response than what had happened. I then
accepted the reality that although the Lord of
justice is concerned when we are mistreated, He is
just as concerned, or maybe even more so, with our hearts.

You see, although I was disappointed and angry due to
someone else’s failure to keep a commitment to me,
the Lord is more concerned that I keep my commitment to
Him. And just what is that commitment? My commitment to
Him includes trusting Him, come what may and
remaining focused upon Him and not my circumstances.
It also includes the ability to be angry, but not allow
that anger to cause me to sin (Ephesians 4:26). And, it
includes forgiving those who trespass against me.

The best example that I could possibly find of a similar
situation is found in 1 Peter 2:23. That scripture states
that “when Jesus was reviled, did not revile in
return; when He suffered, He did not threaten, but
COMMITTED HIMSELF to Him that judges righteously”. Yes
people will fail in their commitments to us. But like
Jesus, we achieve COMMITMENT success when, no matter
comes our way, we commit ourselves to the Lord God.