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Positioning Yourself to See JESUS!

6 Feb
In the book of Luke (chapter 19 verses 1-10), we find 
the story of Zacchaeus, a wealthy Tax collector who had 
an urgent desire to see Jesus.  Zacchaeus was short, and
couldn't see above the crowd. Unperturbed by his stature, 
Zacchaeus ran past the crowd and climbed into a tree and 
positioned himself to see Jesus pass by.

Jesus looked up and told Zacchaeus to come down,"for today 
I am coming to your house". Zacchaeus quickly climbed down 
and happily received Jesus. Immediately the crowd began to 
complain, "Jesus is going to be a guest in the house of a 
sinner". Neither Jesus nor Zacchaeus bothered to address 
the crowd's protests. 

Zacchaeus was transformed. He was no longer gripped by 
greed. In fact, during his time with The Lord, Zacchaeus 
decided to give half of his goods to the poor and to restore 
four times the amount he had unjustly taken from others. 
Yes, climbing a tree to see Jesus had definitely proved to 
be rewarding. 

Like Zacchaeus some of us want to see Jesus today. But the 
crowd, the crowd of social media activities, the crowd of 
responsibilities associated with daily living, the crowd, 
of ..?... is blocking our view. And yes, the crowd may 
complain if you disengage yourself away from it's lure. 
But will you be like Zacchaeus and position yourself above
the crowd? He did not allow his physical limitation, nor 
the crowd to block his view. Even sins related to the 
greed involved in his job as a tax collector did not 
prevent Zacchaeus from doing what was necessary to see 
Jesus. Nothing could stop Zacchaeus.

The question is, do you want to see Jesus? Are you 
desperate about seeing Jesus? If your answer is yes - stop! 
Climb above the crowd. Climb above the obstacles. 
Climb above your failures and above your sins (by the way,
all of us have sinned). Spend some time praying, reading 
the Bible, and/or listening to worship music. 
You'll find, just as Zacchaeus did, that Jesus wants to 
spend time with you. And like Zacchaeus, hopefully you'll
be changed forever!