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You Are Not Forgotten

11 Jun

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So much is happening today. Corruption within the political system, terror attacks, nuclear threats, global warming, and the list goes on. Yet, in the midst of it all, God sees you and cares about your circumstance. Yes, in spite of all that you see happening around you, God sees you.

Long ago, a barren woman named Hannah felt forgotten by God, as you might be feeling right now. She went before God and poured out her heart. Eli – the priest, who was nearby, thought Hannah was drunk. Once Hannah explained, Eli agreed with Hannah’s prayer.

Hannah prayed. “Then she made a vow and said, “O LORD of hosts, if You will indeed look on the affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, and not forget Your maidservant,  but will give Your maidservant a male child, then I will give him to the LORD all the days of his life, and no razor shall come upon his head.”” ‭‭(l Samuel‬ ‭1:11‬ ‭NKJV‬‬).

Although Hannah felt as though she was forgotten by God, she allowed her faith to rise above her circumstance and prayed. Not only did Hannah pray, she completely trusted the Lord to answer her prayer. She left the temple relieved of her burden, no longer feeling forgotten. Later Hannah gave birth to a son, and gave this son to back to God. Eventually she had more children.

Just as God saw Hannah, He sees you. God sees your hurt, senses your despair and hears your cry. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. You are inscribed in the palm of Gods’s hand. God saw you and knew you before you were born. And He cares about every aspect of your life. (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8,Isaiah 49:16 Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1:5)

What are you trying to give birth to? Do you feel forgotten by God? Know that this is just a feeling and not a fact. God sees and knows everything. Focus on God and pray. Don’t focus on what you see or feel.

Remember Hannah. She prayed and believed that her prayers were answered even before she gave birth to her first child, and later gave him back to God. It’s your turn now. Allow your faith to rise. Pray to God. Believe that He’s working it out together for your good. Thank Him because you believe that He will answer you. Take the limits off God and allow Him to be Lord of your circumstance as Hannah did. Give the situation totally to Him.( Psalm 78:41)

God sees you, and He cares. Look to Him and trust Him now more than ever. Yes God sees you. You are not forgotten. (Hebrews 4:13, Philippians 4:6, lPeter 5:7,


All or Nothing

18 Jun

Today we are bombarded with countless choices. This constant decision-making keeps our minds actively planning, anticipating, and, worst of all, stressed.


This stress impacts us beyond what we might have imagined. According to Mayo Clinic.org, “stress that is left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.”


Yet the remedy that combats stress is freely available to all who will receive it. The cure, which is found in God’s word, instructs us simply to be anxious or stressed about…NOTHING. Not our families, not our finances, not the future, not our health, NOTHING.


Instead, in everything…in everything… in EVERYTHING— our families, our finances, the future, even our health—in everything: “Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns.” (Philippians 4:6 MSG).


Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “doesn’t God already know my concerns?” Yes, He does. However, as you release your worries to Him, He works everything, everything…everything, out for your good.


“Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.” (Philippians 4:7 MSG).


So, it’s all or nothing. We can either choose to worry about EVERYTHING, or release it, in thanks and trust to God, and worry about…NOTHING.

Lessons from Mary to Start the New Year!

29 Dec

Based upon Luke 1: 26-38

Long ago, Mary was greeted by the angel Gabriel, who shared
some very interesting news with her. Gabriel began by telling
Mary that she was highly favored, The Lord was with her, and
that she was blessed among women. Mary, troubled by Gabriel’s
greeting, tried to understand what was happening.

The angel told Mary not to be afraid. He went on to state that
Mary would conceive and give birth to a son who would be great,
and that He would be the Son of the Highest. Gabriel also told
Mary that the Lord would give her Son Jesus, the throne of his
Father David, that He would reign over the house of Jacob forever,
and that her Son’s kingdom would never end. Mary did not appear
to be stunned by the fact that she was chosen to give birth to the
King of Kings, and the Lord of Lord’s. Instead, her great concern
was how, as a virgin, she could conceive and give birth to a baby.

Gabriel explained that The Holy Ghost would come upon Mary,
and the power of the Highest would over-shadow her, therefore
that Holy thing which would be born shall be called the Son of God.
When Mary spoke again, she simply said, “Behold, the handmaid
of the Lord, be it unto me according to your word”.

In order to start our New Year with lessons from Mary’s response
to a virgin birth, let’s begin with Gabriel’s greeting. He told Mary
that she was highly favored, the Lord was with her, and that she
was blessed. As a born again Christian, you now have favor with
God (Proverbs 8:35, Psalm 5:12) just as Mary did Luke 8:30).
The Lord is always with you (Hebrews 13:5), and you are blessed
(Jeremiah 17:7).

Just as He did with Mary, The Lord has deposited holy gifts inside
of you, whether you are male or female I Corinthians 12,13,). The
Lord decided that you should have these gifts long before you were
aware that these gifts existed (Ephesians 2:10). Like Mary, the
purpose of your gifts are not only to bless You, but to also
bless your world. You also had a super-natural encounter with
the Holy Ghost, who empowered you to be and do just what the
word of God says. This experience took place during the moment
that you received Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior
(Acts 2:38, II Peter 1:3).

If you have no idea what your gifts are, pray and ask The Lord to
reveal those hidden gifts that He’s deposited inside of you so that
you can give birth to them. If you do know what those gifts are,
pray about how to use them and confidently move forward into
action.  Like Mary, don’t be surprised by the magnitude of what
the Lord will do through you. Instead, believe that with God all
things are possible and surrender your life and your gifts
completely to Him. “Be it unto you according to His word”. In
this New Year, expect to give birth to the greatness that the
Lord has deposited inside of You! The world is waiting.


17 Aug

The bible (Mark 12:1-2) tells of an incident in which a 
paralyzed man was brought to Jesus to be healed. When 
the four men carrying the lame one arrived on the scene, 
they found that they couldn't get to the door of the 
house where Jesus was because of the large crowd. 
These audacious men took it upon themselves to break 
through the roof and lower the lame man' s cot down to 
Jesus. When Jesus saw the four men's faith, 
he healed the lame man.  

Although the Bible doesn't tell us what the relationships
were between the four helpers and the sick men, we know 
that the men significantly impacted the lame man's life. 

They performed a deed for the man that he could not do for 
himself. They brought him to the Healer. Although the men 
were challenged by the crowd during the process of helping, 
they did not give up.

Do you know someone whose life has been placed on hold by
their circumstances? They can not move due to the weight of
their problems. You may just be one of the people that 
will be used to help them get to Jesus. The Bible tells us 
that one plants, one waters, but its God who gives the 
increase (I Corinthians 3:6-8).

May The Lord open your heart to sense, your eyes to see, 
and your ears to hear the people that He has already placed 
around you that are in need of your help in order to get to 
the Healer (Jesus). Don't give up just because the task is 
difficult. Destroy the roof (the hindrance) with prayers and 
supplications,and with thanksgiving to The Lord for what He's
about to do through your faith (Philippians 4:6,) With your 
help,someone is about to be healed!


The Sin of Negligence

5 Aug

I recently saw someone refuse to help a person in need of 
assistance. The person who neglected to help had the power
and was in the profession of assisting people with this 
particular problem. Immediately, the Holy Spirit prompted 
me to intervene on behalf of the individual who needed 
help. So, I prayed. But how many of you know that 
sometimes the Lord expects us to do more than pray.
We need to act!

The truth begin to settle within me. Sure, I prayed, and 
we should pray for others. Nevertheless, the person did 
not have their need met because I failed to take action
when I should have. We really don't like to say these next
two words but,  - I SINNED! I committed the sign of

Can we take this conversation just a step further? Some, 
or should I say many, of the people around us are 
experiencing chaos on earth, and their eternal 
destiny is even more ghastly than their current 
circumstances. (Proverbs 24:11-12, Proverbs 31:8-9)
They are in need of Jesus now. But what are
we doing?  

We're praying, right. Indeed we should be interceding in
prayer for others. But we should also do our part. Time 
is running out. We can't wait for others to hear 
a preacher, and presume that it's the preacher's job to 
offer Jesus to those who are in need of salvation. 
All who have been reconciled to Jesus are now 
ministers of reconciliation. We are the feet, the hands, 
and the mouth of Jesus! 

We should continue praying. May we also "do" our part.

Be Strong and of Good Courage!

22 Jul
Although Moses died due to disobedience, God's plan lived on 
through Joshua. The Lord told Joshua to "arise, go over this
Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I Am giving
to them, the children of Israel" (Joshua 1:2 b NKJ). At this point, perhaps Joshua was mourning the death of Moses
and was feeling down. The Lord could have just said "go" and
lead these people. But the word of God commanded Joshua
to "arise"', - go. The word,"arise" implies that Joshua was not in a standing position, whether, physically or
spiritually is uncertain. God's plan included Joshua, but it was not about him.
The plan also included the children of Israel, but essentially,
it was not about them. The plan was about God and His
promise to deliver and lead the people to a land flowing with
milk and honey. The word of God tells us that The Lord has magnified His word
above His name. There is no name higher than His name. Yet
what God says is above His name (Psalm 138:2b NKJ). What
promise, what "word" has God given to you? Has He
given you a dream or a vision? Although that plan, that dream, that vision, includes you,
it's essentially not about you. It's about God's faithfulness,
but you have a role to play in the completion of the dream just as Joshua did. Arise! Believe God. Be about God's business in prayer
and preparation. Be strong. Although God has given you
a dream, a vision, a promise, you will face opposition.
Prayerfully seek God's strategy, for you are more than a
conqueror through Him who loves you (Romans 8:37).
Be strong and of good courage. Do not quit. Do not faint.
Do not be weary in well doing. (Galatians 6:9 NKJ).
You shall reap the harvest and many shall see and
believe and put their trust in the Lord because
of it (Psalm 40:3b). God will do His part, but you must also do yours. For you
are a co-laborer with Christ (I Corinthians 3:9). Though it
tarry, the thing shall come to pass (Habakkuk 2:3).You
have, I have every right to be strong and of good courage.
"This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but
you shall meditate in it day and night, that
you may observe to do according to all that is written in it.
For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you
will have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be
strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be
dismayed, for The Lord your God is with you wherever
you go (Joshua 1:8-9 NKJ).