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From Irritability to Opportunity!

1 Aug
This summer, as well as last summer, I was blessed with the 
privilege of working with youth. Last year, I became frustrated 
during this process for a variety of reasons. This year, again, 
I found that I was becoming a bit annoyed and begin to think 
about making this the last year that I would participate in
this venture.

A heaven sent message came to mind as I thought deeply 
about the situation.  I was reminded that working with 
youth is more of an opportunity to give, than it is to 
receive. I've been given the opportunity to impart life
skills into our youth, the leaders of the next generation!

Sometimes the skills that I endeavor to teach are
unwanted, and may be down right despised. Nevertheless, 
with patience and grace I believe that I will continue to
"serve" the next generation. In essence,because of the 
heaven sent message, l have now taken my eyes off of my 
own feelings, and have begun to focus upon teaching 
whatever I can in this short time I've been given to make a 
difference now, and into the future!

Mark 10:45 tells us “For even the Son of Man did not 
come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a 
ransom for many" (NKJV). Is there a disturbing situation 
taking place in your life that you can apply this lesson to? 

Our perspective will change when we remember
that it's not all about us! We can serve Jesus by 
taking our eyes off of self, and serving others.  
We will then gain unimaginable peace, turning 
irritability into opportunity! (Acts 13:36, Col 3:24).