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Use Your Words!

9 Aug

My daughter works with young children. She states that some 
of the young ones are comfortable using sounds instead of 
using words to communicate. Whenever this occurs, the staff 
redirects the little ones by gently saying "use your words".

As Christians, sometimes we are not seeing full victory over 
situations in or lives because, we too, are failing "to use 
our words". Yes, we, the Body of Christ should speak 
differently from others because of Who we believe, what we 
believe, and who we are. 

Just as little children's vocabularies are expanding 
constantly, so should ours. In fact, the Bible instructs us 
to desire the sincere milk of the word (The Bible is the 
word) so that we can grow (I Peter 2:2). As we read the Bible 
diligently, we become more familiar with the words that we 
should speak.

Our faith should cause us to say what the Bible says! 
With the Lord's help, I can do this as He strengthens me, 
by His stripes I am healed, my God shall supply all of my 
needs, I am blessed and I am a blessing, despite what it 
looks like, God is working everything together for my good, 
as for me and my house, we are going to serve The Lord, no 
weapon formed against me shall prosper, The Lord always 
causes me to triumph!

In Proverbs (12:14,13:2,18:20-21),The Bible states that we 
are satisfied by the fruit of our mouths. You may not see 
the manifestation of those positive things today, but keep 
believing, keep praying, keep using your words. 

Sure, it's a challenge to speak beyond what we see or feel.
Nevertheless,it's time for us to grow up and start using our